Is Confidence Different from Self-Confidence?

Simply, yes!

Confidence comes from external things.  Validation from others, past experience, and past training can all build up confidence and allow you to feel capable of accomplishment.

Self-confidence comes from internal knowledge that it doesn’t matter what’s happened in the past, you believe in you unconditionally.  

Confidence can often be depleted thanks to past failure or others remarks where self-confidence doesn’t rely on any of that and can only be depleted by your thoughts about you.

Only you can hurt your self-confidence.

Here’s an example: 

The other day my one and a half year old son, Tate, was playing on the play gym outside of our apartment and tried to walk down a couple stairs like a normal sized human. He caught his heel and began to tumble when his dad caught him, luckily.

My first thought was, “I hope he learns from his mistake and doesn’t try that again!” 

But what did Tate do?  He immediately crawled back up the steps, grabbed the rail, and stepped off the top step again.  This time he successfully landed on the next step down and he proceeded to walk down the rest of the stairs until he reached the bottom.

Once at the bottom he turned around, came back to the top, and practiced going down once over and over.

This was an amazing example to me of self-confidence.

If he were relying on just confidence itself there could be some self-doubt about his ability to walk down the stairs because of past experiences.

But because he’s a one year old and has no fear of judgement or failure itself, the self-doubt had no chance to creep in and he had full faith in his capabilities.

Self-doubt can keep us from trying so many things along with fear of failure and judgement!

What if, on a scale from 1-10, your self confidence was at a 10 in all things?  What would you try? What self-doubt could you crush? What failures would you be willing to experience? What judgements would you be willing to let go of? Who would you be if failure meant growth?

Think about some of those things and if you have questions sign up for a free consultation and lets chat!

Your friend,


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