Learning from Every Day

“Maybe… this could be the best thing to happen!”

My husband, Brett, works in athletics and he spends the whole year preparing and marketing for a big basketball tournament that happens in March.  This year, because of the COVID19 pandemic, the basketball tournament was cancelled halfway through.  He was crushed.

The day we got home from the tournament Brett wrote this on our fridge: “Maybe… this could be the best thing to happen!”

Little did we know that later in the month his pay would be reduced, his family would be infected with COVID19, his dad would spend more than 30 days in the hospital, and Brett wouldn’t be able to travel to support his family in a physical sense.

This quote helped us through a lot of hard times and it’s a constant reminder for me to look for the good.

I plan to have this printed and in our house because with anything happening in life, this can be the reminder that there’s a purpose.

There is always a reason.

When something goes “wrong” we often try to deny it, fight it, or avoid it. We try to say that something “shouldn’t be happening”.  

But think about this for a second: If something isn’t supposed to happen, would it?

I honestly believe it wouldn’t. There are higher powers involved in everything, and when anything good or bad happens in my life, or in the world, I see that there can be a purpose, even if I don’t know what that purpose is.

So what if everything was for your benefit?… What do you think would happen if you started seeing everything as working for you instead of against you?  

Our brains are powerful. When we tell ourselves that everything in the world is going wrong, our brains will search for evidence of how that is true. We’ll begin to see even deeper how wrong things are and feel a lot of negativity.

The same is true for thinking positively. When we remind ourselves to look at the world in a way that benefits us, we begin to see evidence for our positive thinking. 

A couple examples:

Brett’s family was infected with COVID19 and his dad spent over a month in the hospital. At times it was hard to see how this could be working for us.  How could anything good come from something so painful?

Every day we noticed the simple reminder Brett wrote after the tournament and we would discuss all of the blessings we had seen. A few of the blessings that carried us through this time were people reaching out with comfort and some sending financial help, his family creating an amazingly strong bond, and our relationship with God was definitely strengthened during this time.

On another note, the other day my son, Tate, had a rough day.  If you’re a parent you understand that a child’s bad day is often a bad day for you.  I felt like I handled it the best that I could. I would remind myself that kids are allowed to have bad days, that I don’t need to change a thing, and I am a strong mom who could handle this.

As the day continued, Tate continued to get hurt and throw tantrums over the smallest things. I was almost at my wits end! When I remembered the quote on the fridge:

“Maybe… this could be the best thing to happen”

… Maybe…

I thought to myself, “What do I have to learn from today and how can I be better after today?”

I learned patience.

I learned that it’s OK if kids cry, I can walk away.

I learned to take away stimulation, so we’re watching way less TV around here now.

I learned that any day can be made good through my own thoughts!

It doesn’t mean that I deny the things happening, or pretend like everything is OK.

It means that I truly believe everything is OK. It means I take what I can from that day and I don’t have to fear the possibility of future days like this. I handled today, which means I can handle any day in the future. It also means I accept the day for what it was, a harder day than normal.

Maybe… every day is exactly what it needs to be.

It’s possible there is something I can learn from each day, regardless of it being “good” or “bad”.

I get to decide each day, what it means, what I learn, and how I feel through my thoughts– The sentences in my brain. 

Life doesn’t happen to me, it happens for me and with me.

If I truly believe that my brain will find all the evidence it needs to make every day exactly what I need.

Your friend,


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  1. I think your mantra makes sense because it’s not about the bad stuff that happens, but what we do with it or how we respond and hopefully change the situation for the better. Thanks for the post!


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