Shiny Things

Shiny things look pretty, but they rarely make you money.

You know what does make you money?

Putting yourself out there and telling people what you’re about.

I just had a conversation with a client about the website they’re building, the new camera they got for videos, the new tech they need to set up, and the book they want to send to all of their clients when they sign up.

You know what she said about all of these things? 

“My brain is on fire.” She was feeling extremely overwhelmed.

Have you ever thought this or said this to yourself? If so, this is for you.

Making sure your website, Insta feed, or facebook profile pic is beautiful is not going to get people to sign up for your offer.

Having a nice camera and state of the art tech is not going to get more people either.

People are not going to work with you because you’re going to send them something nice when they sign up.

You know why people will sign up for your offer? 

They’ll sign up for you. Who you show up as. And how the product you’re offering can help them.

That’s it.

They want a problem solved.

So solve their problem.

The story that things needs to be pretty in order to sign people up is a cop out.

That story is keeping you safe. It’s keeping you from putting yourself out there and actually helping people solve the problem you want to solve.

For those of you saying you want a pretty website, video, insta feed, or booklet. That’s fine! I’m not saying don’t have those things.

But if you’re more worried about having those things than signing people up for your offer than be prepared to not see the bonuses that you want, or the income that you aspire to.

If you want to make the money you need to have an offer. That’s it.

You can sell anything without a website, a purchase gift, a quality video, or a well designed feed.

You just need to be able to show someone that you can solve their problem.

So go solve some problems, my friend.


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