Shiny Things

Shiny things look pretty, but they rarely make you money. You know what does make you money? Putting yourself out there and telling people what you’re about. I just had a conversation with a client about the website they’re building, the new camera they got for videos, the new tech they need to set up, […]

Learning from Every Day

“Maybe… this could be the best thing to happen!” My husband, Brett, works in athletics and he spends the whole year preparing and marketing for a big basketball tournament that happens in March.  This year, because of the COVID19 pandemic, the basketball tournament was cancelled halfway through.  He was crushed. The day we got home […]

How to Handle Hard Things

How do you handle hard things? I usually head to the pantry to make something sweet, scroll social media mindlessly for hours, or throw on The Office while I do things around the house so I can avoid my thoughts and think about the show. I’ve been noticing that this hasn’t worked for me and […]

Who’s Taking Care of You?

How are you feeling at the end of the day?  Are you feeling drained from giving energy and love to your children and attempting to fill everyone’s needs? How many times do you get to the end of the day feeling a slight hint of resentment because no one is prioritizing your needs? Your needs […]

Thoughts vs Facts

With many things in life we have brain chatter.  Things are going on around us and we’re having thoughts that often come automatically about the things happening. We often think that our thoughts throughout the day are the facts of the day, when really they’re just the things we’re thinking. It’s important to understand the […]

Is Confidence Different from Self-Confidence?

Simply, yes! Confidence comes from external things.  Validation from others, past experience, and past training can all build up confidence and allow you to feel capable of accomplishment. Self-confidence comes from internal knowledge that it doesn’t matter what’s happened in the past, you believe in you unconditionally.   Confidence can often be depleted thanks to past […]

5 Things I Learned In 2019

I believe 2019 has been one of the most influential years in my life yet. In previous years I have seen growth in myself, but never anything like I experienced in 2019. I’d like to share with you the places where I saw the most growth in my life and how I handled such changes. […]