About Me

Meet Your Mindset Coach

Oh, hey! I’m Desi – Certified Life Coach for Social Sellers just like you.

The best teachers are the ones who have stood in our shoes.

And I’ve been right where you are – desperate to make social selling work, but not making the money, seeing the growth, or experiencing the freedom I was promised. 

Except, unlike you, I quit. I gave it up! I thought, “This must work for some people, but not me.” And I walked away.

But I’ve never stopped thinking about those what ifs.

Where would I be if I had understood the power of belief the way I do now? Probably lying on some beach somewhere on a sponsored trip or driving my sweet company-sponsored luxury car. 

I didn’t actually set out to coach social sellers in the beginning. But as I coached different women and business owners through building their mindset, developing their beliefs, and owning their confidence – I realized these tools were exactly what I was missing when I tried to make it in network marketing. 

So now I help social sellers who are worn out, defeated, and on the edge of throwing in the towel.

But unlike my experience, I help them step back, master their mindset, overcome their limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome, and start crushing it as the confident woman they were born to be. 

And I can’t wait to help you do the same!

Questions? Get in contact with me!